Berwick's Burrell Collection Digital Learning Resource for Schools

Berwick's Burrell Collection Digital Learning Resource for Schools

Berwick’s Burrell Collection exhibition has been part of a wider project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund which has included the development of a Digital Learning Resource for Schools inspired by the Collection.

Working closely with local school teachers, the project’s learning team have devised learning activities based on artefacts and paintings from the Collection. These learning activities form the basis of the new Resource that all teachers can download and use in the classroom both pre and post exhibition visit. The Resource can also be used independent of visiting the exhibition, so teachers anywhere can access the wonderful artefacts and paintings in Berwick’s Burrell Collection and undertake the learning activities in their classroom.

Each learning activity in the Resource includes a PowerPoint slideshow, teachers notes and where needed, pupil activity sheets. The resource supports cross curricular learning opportunities including literacy (activities developing creative writing and poetry skills), creative thinking, art and design, PSHE, cultural identity, numeracy, history and ICT. The activities are suitable for all key stages and abilities to use and the Resource is free to download.

The Digital Learning Resource is available for Windows, Macs and there is a web version for servers.

Download Berwick’s Burrell Collection Digital Learning Resource

A special thank you goes to the teachers who helped develop the resource: Vicki Poole, Tweedmouth West First School; Paula Beveridge, Tweedmouth Middle School; Shelagh Peck, Holy Trinity First School; Lizzie McCorquodale, Longridge Towers School and Lee Waugh, The Grove School (not in photo). The teachers worked with Anne Curtis, Arts and Culture Education Consultant from Shoo Fly Publishing to develop the resource.





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