Sabina Sallis: Multispecies Visionary Institute: Online Events Programme

10th July - 5th September

Various Dates


Free, but please book in advance

Sabina Sallis: Multispecies Visionary Institute: Online Events Programme

The Multispecies Visionary Institute (MVI) welcomes you to a programme of online events informed by sustainable land practices, spanning a diverse range of media and disciplines and accompanying the Multispecies Visionary Institute exhibition at the Gymnasium Gallery. You can find out more about the gallery events programme here.
All events are free and will be delivered via Zoom. Please book in advance via the links below and log in details will be sent to you before the event.
Thursday 15 July, 7pm – 8.30pm
Two presentations by herbalists and activists -Brigitte Mars with BethyLoveLight, and Seed Sistas 
Brigitte Mars will explore edible lawns, accompanied by a performance from conscious eco-hip-hop artist BethyLoveLight.
Seed Sistas in Herbalism as an Act of Rebellion will explore how abundantly grown herbs can build healthy communities by connecting people to local plants, to each other for good health and the earth.
Thursday 22 July, 7pm – 8.30pm
Bee Time is an art and research collective creating contexts for knowledge exchange and regenerative practices inspired by the systems thinking approach of the honey bee.
Onyx Baird explores the similarities between humans and honeybees. Just as each individual bee plays her specific role within the hive with love and focus, each human being has a unique essence and treasured way in which they are here to support the collective.
The Treebeekeepers Brotherhood will share stories and images about Polish tree-beekeeping. Tree beekeepers take care of bees in a special way by trying to recreate the primeval living conditions in tree hives without interfering with the natural life cycle of the bees.
Thursday 26 August, 7pm – 8.30pm
Composer Lisa Schonberg will talk about her research and present Resilience/Resiliência a musical composition that speculates on the acoustic relationships within and between invertebrate species in the Brazilian Amazon.
PhD Researcher Eline Tabak will explore our fascination with the labour of honeybees, the post work imaginaries of bee life and decline and the importance of looking at (and for) insects outside of the shared space of work.
Thursday 2 September, 7pm - 8.30pm
Etnobotanist Lukasz Luczaj discusses his Rewilding Poland project - the long term creation of a wild forest garden in the Polish Subcarpathians that is now home to a collection of native species, a mosaic grassland-woodland garden as an artistic design, a permaculture garden with edible plants, and a holy grove with a spiritual value.
Olena Wikiel Dudala of Kwasne Drzewo: The Reciprocal Tangle.
An exploration of the daily work of an artist run smallholding in rural Warmia in Poland, which produces locally hand crafted items including cheeses and soaps. According to the idea of terroir, the artefacts produced are as unique as the place, as varied as the changing seasons; weather in flux, or seasonal conditions and availability of pastures on which animals graze.
Multispecies Visionary Institute was commissioned by Berwick Visual Arts and has been supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Newcastle University’s Institute for Creative Arts Practice and the Polish Cultural Institute.

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