Arts Award Discover at Home

8th July - 2nd November

Support your child to complete their Arts Award Discover over the Summer holidays!

For ages: 5-11 year olds


Arts Award Discover at Home

Berwick Visual Arts and The Maltings are working in partnership with Culture Bridge North East to support the delivery of Discover at Home Arts Award. This is a fantastic opportunity to keep children and young people engaged in arts and creativity. The award is a special version of Arts Award Discover in response to the Coronavirus outbreak which parents and carers can help their children to complete. Arts Award is a set of five national qualifications ran by Trinity College London.

We are delighted to be able to offer a FREE Arts Award Discover certificate to the first 100 Northumberland School pupils who send in their completed logbooks.

Working towards Arts Award Discover is a great way to explore arts and culture and help your children find out what art forms they are interested in. All arts activities can be completed at home using simple materials and recorded in our logbook which can be downloaded below:

Download Berwick Discover at Home logbook

Children can use any art form to complete the Discover at Home award, not just visual arts! You can type on to the logbook and insert drawings or photos of your children’s arts activity. There is no need to include your child's face in any photos. You can also print out the logbook and fill it in by hand and stick photos and drawings on to it, if you prefer and post the completed printed version to us. Details for submission and more information about how to complete the three sections of the award can be found below.

Completing the Discover at Home Arts Award
Please download the Berwick Discover at Home logbook from the link above and help your child to complete the logbook - it is fine if you wish to write or type their answers into the logbook for them. The logbook has 3 sections that need to be completed and the front page asks for details to gain the certificate.

Part A Discover the arts: is on page 2 and asks children to think about the arts all around them. You can do this from home - ideas to get you started include: TV and film, animation, video games design, furniture design, wallpaper design, graphic design, crafting, illustration, creative writing, architecture, the list goes on! And of course arts such as painting, drawing, singing, acting, dance, music - some of which are illustrated on page 2 of the logbook. Write down some of the art forms you can think of. This is an opportunity to discuss what you think the arts are!

Part A Taking part in the arts: is on page 3 where they need to take part in an arts activity - this could be any arts activity they enjoy doing, they then can either draw or insert a photo of them taking part (you do not need to include their faces) and then briefly explain the activity in the box below. Why not join our free online Big Green Draw workshop with illustrator Katie Chappell on Saturday 24 October and use your drawings for this section!

Part B Finding out about an artist: is on page 4 where children need to find out about an artist and their work; they could look online to find out about someone, this could be an artist from a range of art forms including a favourite singer, actor, children's book illustrator as well as a painter etc. In Berwick you could walk part of the Lowry Trail to find out more about the artist L.S. Lowry when he used to visit Berwick on holiday and see some of his paintings on the display panels.

Part C Share what you have learned and enjoyed: is the final part of the award on page 4 where the children share what they have found out and created during their Arts Award - they need to let us know who they shared it with and what they told them, they can share with you, siblings, neighbours or online with other family members further away.

Please remember to complete your child's details on the front page. Congratulations you have now completed your Arts Award Discover!

Submitting your logbook to gain your Arts Award Discover certificate: If your child attends a Northumberland School they can email their completed Arts Award logbook to Val Tobiass, Learning and Engagement Manager. The first 100 pupils will receive an Arts Award Discover certificate from Trinity College London in the autumn. You can also post your logbook to: Val Tobiass, Learning and Engagement Manager, The Maltings, Eastern Lane, Berwick-upon-Tweed TD15 1AJ. All logbooks (digital or hardcopies) must be received by Monday 2 November 2020 at the latest.

Trinity College London who administer the award have also created a guide for parents and carers with more details on how to help your children complete the award:

Download Discover at Home Parents and Carers Guide

For more information, please contact Val Tobiass, Learning and Engagement Manager. 


Illustrations: Katie Chappell

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