Sense of Place

11th July - 15th July

Wed-Sun 11am-4pm

Berwick Museum & Art Gallery

Sense of Place

Sense of Place is an exhibition of work created by pupils from Tweedmouth Middle School and St Cuthbert's First School as part of the Create, Aspire, Transform programme, the work was created during a week-long residency with artists Louise Bradley and Sally Madge.

Pupils spent a number of weeks researching their localities, collecting information, exploring techniques and visiting galleries before creating their final work for the joint exhibition.
Tweedmouth Middle School pupils from Year 7 have explored printmaking with Louise Bradley. They have created zines, concertina books and hanging displays to convey their Sense of Place, with home being a reoccurring feature, along with their favourite activities and aspects of their school.
St Cuthbert’s First School pupils from Year 1 to Year 4 have explored sculpture with Sally Madge. They used found and recycled objects, clay and modroc to create their imagined communities.
The Create, Aspire, Transform programme, workshops and Sense of Place exhibition has been supported by an Explore and Test grant from Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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