Wilhelmina Barns-Graham: Inspirational Journeys

26th October - 23rd February

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham (1912-2004) was one of the foremost painters working in St Ives after moving there from Edinburgh in 1940. Her paintings, alongside those of her contemporaries that comprise the St Ives School, contributed greatly to the development of Modernist British painting in the mid to late twentieth century.
Inspirational Journeys focuses on the artists tours into Europe over a 50-year period and the impact these journeys had on her practice as an artist. From her visit to Switzerland in 1949 to her final trip to Lanzarote in 1993 and other journeys in between to Italy in the 1950s, Spain and Orkney, works in the exhibition range from remarkable on-the-spot pencil drawings to bold and colourful abstract paintings. The show foregrounds a very positive relationship with Europe and the possibility of inspiration though travel and cultural exchange.

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End of the Glacier Upper Grindelwald, 1949 Gouache and pencil on paper BGT 6399 ©Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust

George Clark: Double Ghosts

19th September - 27th October

Double Ghosts is a multi-part exhibition which traverses the Pacific drawing on historical fragments, traces and ghosts from the coasts of Chile to a mountain cemetery in Taiwan. Exploring the status and potential of unrealised and fragmented histories, the exhibition draws together 35mm film, sound recordings, script fragments, photography and archival material filmed and gathered in Chile, France and Taiwan.

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Image: George Clark, A Mountain Inside A Cave, 2019, 35mm film still. Courtesy of the artist